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Family: Middle child, older brother and younger sister. Also have 3 siblings-in-law, all younger, brother and two sisters. Married to Dan since 2008 and we have a cat named Sadie.

Favorite Teacher: Mr. Walters and Ms. Linder from my 10th grade combined English/History class. Everyday in class was an adventure and we never knew what to expect…we went on field trips, put on plays, made videos, and wrote countless papers!! Some of my best memories from high school were in that class!

Best part of my College Tutors' work day: Getting to talk to and get to know each student that comes in the door and build relationships with tutors and families. The energy in the Learning Center from students and tutors makes every day fun and exciting!
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Born and raised: Newton, MA

Family: Graham (husband), Colton (son), Dakota (daugher), Maiala (dog)

Favorite child's recipe: I never made anything, but I loved Big Macs from McDonald's with extra mayonnaise

Favorite childcare memory: My mom was a day care teacher and she took me with her.

Best part of my College Nannies work day: Working as a team with my co-workers, explaining to candidates how BUCA could be a fun job and seeing their excitement during orientation.
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Born and raised: Fargo, ND.

Family: Oldest of two girls. Married to Dan in 2008. One child, born in October 2011.

Favorite child’s recipe: Homemade waffles!

Favorite childcare memory: My favorite babysitter was Jackie. She had two boys that were the same age as my sister and I. The four of us always had so much fun when she babysat.

Best part of my College Nannies work day? Walking in the door and greeting my energetic co-workers! From the very first day I started with CNT—which was as a nanny in 2005— I have always enjoyed our committed, warm, friendly, and dedicated staff. We are a team!
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Together with our great CNT Family, we have been providing customized childcare and tutoring since November 2004. Our 11 year old son and 9 year old daughter are regular recipients of our terrific nannies and tutors for varying school support needs.

College Nannies and Tutors has been a terrific adventure and I enjoy working with our families, nannies and tutors to provide role models and exceptional care and tutoring. I enjoy meeting new families through our partnerships, and I learn daily from our staff, nannies and tutors.
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Born and raised: West Chester, PA

Family: I have a big family, I am one of 6 children- 4 older sisters and a younger brother. I’ve been married to Nikolai for 20 years! We have two daughters, Emma who is 19 yrs old and Lauren who is 11, as well as two big, crazy dogs.

Favorite child’s recipe: Peanut butter on apple slices

Favorite Childcare memory: My favorite babysitter growing up was Judy. She lived down the street and sometimes I would get to go to her house. She would take me shopping and I would dress in the same outfit she wore so we could be “twins”. She also had a vanity where she applied her makeup and she would let me try her makeup. I always felt like a movie star.

Best part of my College Nannies work day: Meeting and getting to know the families we work with for their childcare or educational needs. It so refreshing to know that we are making such an important difference in their life!
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Born and raised: Born in Houston TX and raised in Yakima, WA

Family: Married with no kids :) I'm the second oldest of 5 kids; I have an older sister who has 5 kids of her own & 3 younger brothers.

Favorite child’s recipe: Homemade Chex Mix!

Favorite childcare memory: My grandparents were the best babysitters - we "saved" turtles from the treacherous freeway roads, and even fed baby birds worms once (I don't recommend doing that though!)

Best part of my College Nannies work day? Providing families in a pinch with the perfect nanny! This brings such relief to a family and makes me proud that I provided that service.

Some of our Nannies

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Hometown: Born in San Francisco. Lived in Seattle since I was 12.

Major: Humanities

Favorite Subject: Sociology

Dream Job: Traveling the world interacting with peoples of all cultures and languages

Favorite Hobby: Skiing (alpine, nordic, telemark)

Favorite Dessert: Black sticky rice, Thai style
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My name is Hillary Norris and I am a recent graduate of Washington State University. My major is in Sport Management, with a minor in Communications. As far as my career objective, I am focusing on community relations and non-profit involvement in marketing and PR. As far as my hobbies, I love to run and do hot yoga. I also love spending time with my sorority sisters and my extended family. As the youngest of all girls, I have always been jealous of those with little siblings, so I have enjoyed nannying and babysitting through out my life. I love being a busy bee, and enjoy adventures like hiking, boating, etc.

Some of our Tutors

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Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Major: Marine Biology with an English minor
Favorite Subject: Creative Writing and Poetry
Dream Job: Marine biologist and journalist (and a poet on the side!)
Favorite Hobby: Photography
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate cake
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Hometown: Bellevue

Major: Biology

Favorite Subject: Biology

Dream Job: Pediatrician

Favorite Hobby: Soccer

Favorite Dessert: Chocolate lava cake

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""My son got all A's and one B on his report card!!! I couldn't be happier and I appreciate Scott working with him to help make that happen!!!! Looking forward to more great grades/report cards :)"

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