Easy Tips to Transition Your Kids from School to Summer


Author: Berno, Bobette

Tags: Summer, Parenting, Family

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The transition from school to summer is not always an easy one for kids. Children are taken from their structured routines and thrown into the freedom of summer. This can be challenging for many kids, leaving them under-stimulated and bored.

To help make the transition easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips to make the shift from school schedules to summer schedules as easy as possible.

Create a Summer To-Do List

Get your children excited about summer by sitting down and creating a fun to-do list! Let your children brainstorm everything they wish to do during break in order to have the best possible summer. Once everyone is finished brainstorming, you can start penciling in summer activities and planning out a summer to remember.

Organize Educational Activities

It is important to keep kids stimulated over the summer so they do not experience summer learning loss. Your child can have a fun summer break while still learning and challenging them academically.

 Oftentimes, teachers assign summer reading lists and other educational activities to keep kids sharp over summer. As a parent, it is your job to make sure your student completes these assigned tasks. Make it fun by creating incentives and rewards for each completed assignment. If their teacher doesn’t assign summer reading, create your own list by making a trip to the library.

Keep in Touch with Friends

It is important for your children to remain social over the summer. Help your children stay in touch with their school friends by planning fun events with the other parents. Whether it’s a barbeque outing, sleepover or a day at the local water park, keeping kids in contact with friends their own age is extremely important. The strengthened friendships will help ease kids into the upcoming school year with confidence.

Schedule and Prepare Children for Activities

Summer activities are a great way for children to stay active and involved during their break from school. Activities such as swimming lessons, educational camps, sport camps and themed camps will help your child develop and refine new, interesting skills.

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Image courtesy of Jim Pennuja/Flickr