Home for the Holidays? Consider Becoming an On-Call Babysitter


Author: Berno, Bobette

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Winter break is a popular time for students to head home for the holidays. However, you may find that home isn’t the same as it used to be. Not all of your friends are back in town, and many have family plans or vacations already set. Instead of sitting on the couch at home, consider becoming an on-call babysitter. Check out these awesome reasons this is an excellent choice for winter break.

Earn Money

There isn’t a college student out there that wouldn’t enjoy some extra spending cash. Many stores hire their holiday helpers far in advance, making last minute jobs hard to come by. Babysitters are in high demand this time of year. Take advantage of this opportunity for extra cash to save for a spring break trip, buy next semester’s books, or save for something you have had your eye on at the mall. 

Gain Professional References

When you graduate college and are looking for that dream job, you will likely be asked to provide some professional references. Working as a babysitter or nanny, you will get to know your boss very well. This allows them to not only comment on your work ethic but also the kind of person you are.

Help a Family in Need

Many families are in search of extra help during the holidays. With school being out of session and daycares filling up, they need someone to watch and care for their children. You may not be able to give many gifts this year, so why not give your time to a family instead.  You will be doing good and earning money at the same time.

Flexible Schedule

An 8-5 job is not ideal during the holiday break, as you want to have some free time to relax, see your family, and catch up with friends. As an on-call babysitter, you will be able to pick and choose the jobs that work best for you. From full-day, part-time, or just sporadic evenings- all types are in high demand this time of year.

If you are home for the holidays and looking to make some extra cash, contact a local College Nannies + Tutor location to view current openings and apply today.


Image courtesy of Flickr/Dan Ruth