Keep Kids Active This Winter with Fun Activities


Author: Berno, Bobette


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The first day of winter was December 21st. With winter comes colder weather and offers us great new ways to have  fun. Take time to play together and move more. You'll all feel good! As an adult, parents, nannies or babysitters need to move for at least 30 minutes on most days. Children need at least 60 minutes of moving on most days. Here are a few ideas keep the kids moving this winter!

Get Moving Indoors

  • Act out a story. Read books together and move to give it actions. If it's a book about food, make it in the kitchen together later.
  • Create an obstacle course. Kids love to tumble over pillows, crawl through open boxes, and jump into hula hoops.
  • Turn up the music and dance. Swing your arms like a conductor or move to the music like a cat, bird,horse, elephant, or bug.
  • Make bread, soft pretzels, or pizzas from store bought frozen dough. Knead, shape, and roll dough. It's good for arm muscles.
  • Start planning your garden. Find a library book about kids and gardening. Look at seed catalogues and start planning for spring.
  • Learn about Hibernation. Read a book about what animals hibernate then make a cave of your own to snuggle up in.


  • Bundle up for snow play. Create snow angels, or make a snow family. Go sledding, or make a snow path.
  • Take a nature hike. Look for animal tracks, wild flowers and buds in early spring, or colorful fall leaves.
  • Walk the zoo! See how animal's look with their winter coats on. Talk about how they live in the cold weather. No zoo? Look for birds and squirrels in the park.
  • Take a neighborhood walk. How does it look different in the cold weather?
  • Decorate an outdoor tree for the birds. Hang apples, pine cones rolled in peanut butter or popcorn string.