Keep Kids Active over Winter Break – Hire a Babysitter


Author: Berno, Bobette

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Winter break can be a very tempting time for your child to sleep in and spend their days on the couch watching TV or playing video games. Even if you think your child may have reached the age where they are able to stay home alone, hiring a sitter has many benefits.

Here are the top 5 ways hiring a sitter will keep your kids active over winter break.

Plan Activities

Babysitters will plan activities they can do with kids. This can range from arts and crafts, board games, or scavenger hunts. Your babysitter can also help them stay practiced on their school lessons by creating games and reviewing academic workbooks with your kids. These activities will help your child to be both physically and mentally active over break.


Is there a class or camp that you think you child would enjoy over winter break, but you are not able to get them there? A sitter will be able to take your child to and from their events and activities while you stay at work. 

Play Outside

Depending on your climate, there are many fun outdoor activities to do this time of year. Playing in the snow, going for walks, shooting hoops, or going to a playground. A hired sitter will be able to accompany your child to these places and play with them.

Organize Outings

With permission from parents, sitters can take your child to different local sites such as a museum, a library, a play or parade, or even to see Santa. Never worry about your child missing out on the fun holiday festivities in your local community when you hire a sitter.

Sitting on the couch and watching TV all day is not only unhealthy, it can get pretty boring to. Hiring a sitter will help your child to stay active and have a better, healthier, experience over winter break. You can plan the events and activities, or leave it up to the sitter.

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