The Importance of Family Time this Holiday Season


Author: Bobleter, Katie

Tags: Family, Holidays, Winter, Parenting

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The holidays bring back a lifetime of memories of traditions and great family moments. Between Thanksgiving, New Years, and everything in between, the opportunities to visit with family are endless. Make those moments count this year by participating in family traditions that your kids will remember for many years to come.

Having a family of your own gives you the opportunity to create your own traditions, as well as continuing age-old traditions you have kept alive from your own childhood. Traditions can be anything from activities, to special recipes, to craft nights. No need to wait until Christmas—try new activities all December long! The kids will love getting into the holiday spirit and having everyone altogether during such a busy season.

Cookie Decorating

We already know that kids love cookies, and decorating them can be just as fun as eating them. Have special holiday cookie recipes handy, and bring out the frosting and sprinkles to allow the kids to decorate. They’ll love seeing their finished creations, and trying them afterwards!

Decorating the Tree

Turn up the Christmas tunes, and gather around the tree! Lighting the Christmas tree and filling it with special ornaments can turn into a very treasured tradition. Make sure that your kids have their own ornaments, and let them do the decorating! They will be proud of the finished product, and they can tell Grandma and Grandpa how much fun it was.

Watching Christmas Movies Together

Choosing a day or two to binge-watch the holiday favorites can be a treasured seasonal activity for the whole family. Cable channels play many holiday-themed specials and movies throughout the month of December, and some may bring back the memories of your own childhood! Pop some popcorn, turn on the Christmas tree lights, and snuggle up with the kids for a wonderful Christmas-filled marathon.

The holidays are such a special time of the year. Take advantage of the season by bringing in new family traditions that your kids will think back on, and continue when they get older. Spend the season with family and friends, and ringing in the end of one year while getting ready to start fresh for a new one! College Nannies and Tutors wishes you a wonderful holiday season, from our family to yours!

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