About Us

Building Stronger Families®

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors builds stronger families by providing role models through full-service childcare solutions and customized tutoring for college bound students. From the time their children are small until they send them off to college, families can count on our educated roles models to help them run more smoothly and effectively.

Whether you need the assistance of a part or full-time nanny, a professional babysitter for a night out or a qualified tutor to get your child through Calculus, we can help!

Company History

College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors began in the summer of 2000 when then business school student and college entrepreneur Joseph Keeley took a job as a nanny caring for children in Edina, Minnesota. During his time as a "manny," Keeley realized that he was much more than a babysitter; he was, in fact, an "active role model" for the children. He also recognized a need for a unique and specialized service that connected parents with safe and reliable nannies and tutors or role models. He found these role models in current college students, college graduates and certified teachers looking to make a positive difference working with children and adolescents; he pioneered an efficient way to match the families' needs with reliable resources and a business was born.

Incorporated in 2001, the College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors organization has expanded on Keeley's initial award-winning business to become the nation's most complete full-service nanny and tutor resource. Through one-on-one role model focused programs, College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors employs nannies you can trust, babysitters who show up, tutors who will help your student succeed and test prep coaches that will help your student get into the college of their choice. It is a commitment to both families and employees that distinguishes College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors today.

Mr. Keeley has since won a prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award from Ernst & Young and been appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to the Minnesota Commission on National and Community Service. His entrepreneurial spirit continues to move the company forward by pioneering new ways to use technology to provide better service to the families we serve and the franchisees who serve them.