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College Nannies and Tutors at a Glance

Year of inception: 2001
Geographic coverage: United States
Number of locations: Over 80
Franchisee business profile: Single or multi-unit operator
Previous experience: No childcare or tutoring experience necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much money can I make?
Once you've completed our confidential application, we will provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document which contains a section titled "Financial Performance Representations" (FPR). The FPR discloses unit-level gross sales information for all franchisees with learning centers that have been opened for at least 12 months. The disclosed information also includes average sales ramp up and typical expenses in a College Nannies and Tutors franchise.

Q. How long before I start to make money?
There are so many variables that go into answering this question. One of the major variables when calculating "time to cash flow positive" is debt service. Some franchisees open learning centers with no debt, while other franchisees may take out loans for 70% of the total investment required. We encourage you to speak with our existing and/or former franchisees to learn more about the length of time it took them to reach the point where their learning center was cash flow positive.

Q. How much does a College Nannies and Tutors franchise cost?
Depending on whether you choose a single unit or multi-unit opportunity, the fees and initial investment will vary. A single business unit license begins with a franchise fee of $39,500. The estimated initial investment of a single unit, including the franchise fee, learning center build out and working capital, is between $176,700 and $228,700. A breakdown of this investment is located in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). A multi-unit franchise opportunity is also available.

Q. Is this a growing industry?
Yes, in most parts of the country childcare and education services are growing. In fact, the Small Business Administration recently named both the childcare and education industries in their "Top Ten" categories for growth.

Q. Is there a franchise opportunity in my area?
While we have more than 80 territories sold, there is at least one territory available in every major market in the United States. We do not offer franchises internationally at this time.

Q. Can I have a protected territory?
Yes. The formula for calculating protected territories is outlined in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Q. Can I purchase more than one territory?
Yes. In fact College Nannies and Tutors is seeking business owners who are interested in growing multiple retail units.

Q. Do I need previous experience in childcare or tutoring?
A background in childcare or education is not necessary to succeed as a CNT franchisee. In fact, our strongest franchise owners today came from diverse backgrounds such as sales, staffing, marketing and business management.

Q. How difficult is it to find staff?
As with any business, it is always important to source good staff. Through the techniques and skills acquired in our training programs and the assistance of our proprietary web-based CNeT system, our franchisees find sourcing staff to be relatively straightforward.

Q. Can I operate this business from my home or do I need a physical space?
We require a physical learning center as this presence becomes a key marketing, staffing and organizational tool while helping establish credibility and trust in the local marketplace.

Q. How long does it take to get started?
The official start of your business begins with the opening of your learning center, which is typically 4-7 months after signing the franchise agreement but will vary depending on a number of factors, namely, your commitment to finding and building out a site and the availability of local real estate. One of the benefits of the College Nannies and Tutors business model is that you are able to start generating revenue even before the opening of your learning center and official start of your business.

Q. How do I find a site?
By working closely with your dedicated College Nannies and Tutors support team and our select real estate professionals who understand our criteria and can guide you to the perfect College Nannies and Tutors location in your community.

Q. What does a College Nannies and Tutors Learning Center look like?
The typical size for a College Nannies and Tutors Learning Center is 1,000 to 1,200 square feet which includes one-on-one tutoring stations, private offices, a hang-out lobby with college corner, a brand wall and an area for storage.

Q. How can I learn more?
By filling out the brief form to the right. We will then contact you to provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document and help you learn more.

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What Owners Are Saying

“Leaving the traditional staffing industry to pursue my dream of owning my own business was the best career decision I've ever made!

I'm doing well while doing good and feel like I have more control over my own career.”

Sue - multi-unit owner
Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Pennsylvania

Associations and Awards

International Nanny Association
Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award 2010
2010 Franchise 500
2011 Franchise 500
Franchise Satisfaction Awards 2011