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College Nannies, Sitters + Tutors has been Building Stronger Families in Danville and Lamorinda since 2009. Locally owned and operated, we are part of your community and here to serve your family. Whether your family needs the quality care that comes from one of our role model nannies or the one-on-one attention from one of our College Tutors, we are committed to helping you build a stronger family. Please call or stop in today to schedule a personal family consultation.

Meet the Team

Need the right Nanny or Sitter... right now? We'll find your family's perfect fit.


Kevin S.

Franchise Owner

Kevin has called the Bay Area home since his teenage years, having moved to the Golden State with his family from Oaxaca, Mexico. He has experience in business planning spanning over two decades. He has worked with a European multinational luxury goods conglomerate and most recently running a locally owned high-end small business in downtown San Francisco with a presence in boutiques across the U.S.

Through College Nannies & Tutors, Kevin hopes to play a part in helping make it easier and less stressful to raise a family in an ever evolving, dynamic region like the Bay Area by providing families with caring, dependable and trustworthy caregivers, nannies and sitters, along with strong college prep & homework help tutors.


Michael M.

Franchise Owner

Michael has been a Bay Area resident since 1990, when a great career opportunity allowed him to relocate from San Diego. After a rewarding career in software development, he found himself at a career crossroads. He wanted to find a way for his work to have a more meaningful and tangible impact. College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors provides the opportunity to help families manage their busy lives and help children reach their full potential.

Michael is an uncle to many wonderful nieces and nephews and father to three loving cats. In his spare time, Michael loves to travel, read, attend theatre and watch sporting events. During the time between careers, Michael took a trip to five different continents, including his first visit to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina.


Phyllis R.

Family Placement Manager

Phyllis is Family Placement Manager at College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors of Los Gatos and San Jose South. Phyllis was born and raised in Plainfield New Jersey and moved to CA to start her career and build a family. She is an experienced professional who has spent the last 20 years working in sales and customer service organizations in companies across the Bay Area. She was the president of her daughter’s softball league for 5 years and managed several of her teams throughout the 10 years she played the sport. Phyllis loves spending time with her two grandchildren and teaching them family values. She believes that every family and child deserves a secure, caring and loving environment in which to learn and grow.


Stephanie M.

Role Model Manager

Stephanie is currently our Role Model Manager after serving five months as our Family Placement Manager. She will continue to work with families part time, but is now primarily responsible for recruiting, training and retaining our role model team. Stephanie will ensure our team is evaluated, trained and matched to the best families based upon their experience and interests. Stephanie graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in Psychology and a minor in Business. During this time, she also worked as a research assistant in which she studied motivational interviewing methods in child and family therapy sessions. From this experience, she became interested in working with children and families to further their success. During her free time, she can be found reading, running, hiking, and exploring the city.

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