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We’ve gathered some our favorite things to do with the family in the surrounding Montgomery and Cincinnati areas. Learn more about what’s happening in your area, and don’t forget to get in on the fun!



About the Museum

Looking for an adventure while learning through play? Discover hands-on fun for children of all ages in our eight educational and themed play areas, including two specifically designed for preschool-aged and younger. We encourage kids to climb, crawl, explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. Go on a wilderness adventure through The Woods, be a part of a complex machine in the Energy Zone and explore the neighborhood in Kids’ Town. Dive into arts, culture, reading, science and more with over 1,800 hours of programming each year. At the Duke Energy Children’s Museum, consistently ranked in the top 10 children’s museums in the U.S., fun and learning go hand in hand.

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Our ultimate goal, our guiding principle, the single thought that drives everything we do from programming to the way we interact with the children is…to help kids grow into happy, healthy, responsible adults.

In the initial years of our Company we had what we called an Underlying Teaching Philosophy, “Nothing is more important than your child’s self-esteem.” We believed then and we believe now in the value of a healthy self-esteem.

However, in the early 80’s the word ‘self-esteem’ became overused and the original concept got hijacked. As we saw it, self-esteem refers to a person’s sense of worth. As the word ‘self-esteem’ became ‘buzzed,’ the public began to interpret it as ‘always feeling good about yourself.’ From there it was short, easy hop to interpret self-esteem as ‘protecting a child from disappointments,’ a notion we disagree with.

We believe that protecting a young child from disappointments does nothing other than strip the child of the skills necessary to handle life’s inevitable bigger disappointments. Protecting a child from the consequences of their actions is one of the worst mistakes a parent, teacher or coach can make (unafordable consequences such as physical harm or permanent emotional damage being exceptions.)

We knew we wanted to do ‘good things for kids’ and as we sought to ?nd the essence of ‘doing good,’ the notion of being genuinely happy kept reappearing. We observed that habitually irresponsible children tended to become troubled, unhappy adults and responsible children tended to grow into healthy, happy adults. We concluded that happiness is a worthy goal and ‘responsibility’ is the foundation of happiness. We further de?ned responsibility as ‘the habit of making choices that bring joy and harmony into one’s life in the long run.’

Our conviction in our de?nition of responsibility was strengthened when some decades ago we learned about the Stanford Marshmallow Study. This experiment followed children from age 4 through adulthood and concluded that the primary determinant for satisfaction in life is not intelligence, educational attainment or job status. It is the ability to delay grati?cation, to set aside the pleasures of the moment in favor of happiness and joy in the long run. You might enjoy this comical video of how these 4 year olds handled the situation...Kids Marshmallow Experiment - YouTube.

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At Top Flight Gymnastics, nothing is more important than the development of your child’s confidence and self esteem. Our fundamental belief is that the learning process and your child’s effort when attempting a skill are just as important as the achievement of that skill. In any journey, aside from reaching one’s destination, real life values also come from the many lessons learned along the way.
Mission Statement
Top Flight understands the value of positive rewards and encouragement, even on the smallest achievements. With this knowledge as our foundation, we at Top Flight, hope to help your child realize their individual potential through the physical and mental demands of the exciting sports of gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling.
Why Choose Top Flight
Several key factors set Top Flight Gymnastics apart because, elsewhere, you’ll rarely find them working in harmony to ensure quality programs as they do at Top Flight. Top Flight specializes in low student to teacher ratios in all our programs. In the entire area, very few programs similar in nature can beat or even match Top Flights’ commitment and attention to quality in this area.
Also, a full compliment of programs helps ensure your childs’ learning and experience are tailored to their precise interests and needs. From preschool gym to tumbling for cheerleaders to competitive teams; Top Flight Gymnastics offers a variety of programs. One of them will be right for your child.
Finally, to accommodate these fantastic programs, Top Flight boasts the largest gymnastics facility in Northern Kentucky, filled with more equipment, mats and training aids than you’ll see anywhere.
Singularly none of these is outstanding. Together in harmony and accompanied by our philosophy and caring staff, the combination is unbeatable.

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Situated on just over 35 acres, The Beach, an Adventure Landing Park, joins the family of Adventure Landings LLC properties. We are part of an 18-park amusement and entertainment company that has a core mission of providing affordable family entertainment. Check out for details about our owners!



The Beach Waterpark enjoys a 27-year history of being a leader in the entertainment and waterpark industry. This unique, tropical park offers a lush get-a-way that is close to home and features 22 slides and entertainment attractions for kids of all ages.

“Must see’s” include a heated wave pool and interactive kids play area with multiple slides and a 600-gallon dumping bucket. New attractions abound with all your favorite thrill and chill rides now featuring new designs and color schemes.

We have added so many new attractions and invested just over $5 million on renovations and additions for the first season in 2013! Major renovations included the entire waterpark and its common areas, slides, and play areas. We added new kiddie areas like Big Creek Beach and an arcade that were part of “the all new” Beach!

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The Western & Southern Open is the nation's oldest professional tennis tournament played in its city of origin.

First played in 1899 on the site of current day Xavier University, the Open has been a fixture in the Queen City for more than a century. The champions list reads like a who's who of tennis greats, with more than 100 International Tennis Hall of Famers having played in Cincinnati over the years.

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