Summer Nannies

Finally, an answer to the "summer dilemma" you are going to love.

Your children deserve a great summer:
Wouldn't you love it if your children could have the kind of summer you remembered? Days outside. Time with friends. Playing catch. A picnic at the zoo. Fun, but supervised.

Active role models for active children:
From summer camp to team sports to fun at the waterpark, your children deserve better than another "hall monitor". College Nannies are active role models for your active children. There is simply no substitute for someone who can really understand, engage and have fun with them.

Stop hunting for "that neighbor who watches kids in the summer". Stop trying to find another "center". Now you have a better choice. Contact us today.

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Every family is different. Some are quirky. Some are serious. Some are fun-loving or just downright eccentric. But they all want the same thing: a nurturing, loving home with a fun, responsible caregiver who’ll feel like they belong. Every nanny we offer has been trained, background checked and screened. Take a look. There's a nanny that fits your family.

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