Frequently Asked Summer Nanny Questions

How long will it take to find a summer nanny for my family?
This depends on your family’s needs. We work as quickly as we can, but we recognize the importance of following a proven process, Our Complete Family Approach, to ensure a successful placement. This process typically takes 2-6 weeks to complete. While we are completing the search for the right nanny for your family we will be happy to offer On-Call support.

Where do you get your summer nannies? How do you find them?
Our recruiting efforts are constant. We recruit from a variety of sources which includes, but is not limited to, college campuses, established community networks, local public and private school connections, and on-line resources, including our own web site. Many of our quality candidates are referred to us directly; nannies seek us out because they want to work with a reputable service that offers them professional guidance and legal employment.

Are all your summer nannies college educated?
The majority of our candidates have completed some type of post-secondary education; many are either current college students or recent college graduates.

What is the cost of your summer nanny service?
The specific cost of our summer nanny service will depend on your family’s unique needs. Our pricing structure typically includes a placement or enrollment fee and an hourly wage rate, which includes the nanny or babysitter’s wage, taxes, insurance coverage, ongoing professional guidance from your CNT placement professional and access to backup care. Once we have learned more about your specific needs, we will be happy to quote you a more detailed rate range.

I don’t need a full-time summer nanny. Do you offer part-time summer nannies?
Absolutely! Part-time options and On-Call Hourly Childcare are two popular summer service offerings.

How is the summer nanny paid? Do you bill us or do I pay the nanny directly?
The nanny is paid through College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors at an hourly rate. The hourly rate is all inclusive; meaning we handle all state and federal taxes, unemployment, FICA, Medicare, workman’s compensation, general and professional liability insurance and non-owned car insurance. The hourly rate also includes payroll services, ongoing professional guidance and access to backup care. We bill your credit card for hours worked on a bi-weekly basis; you also have 24/7 secure access to your family’s detailed timesheets through our on-line family resource center.

I only need help occasionally. Can I still work with you?
Of course! Our On-Call Hourly Childcare Service is a perfect solution for occasional summer needs.

What happens if our nanny doesn’t work out?
Our nanny placements are guaranteed for 12 weeks. If, for any reason, the placement does not work out during that guarantee period, we will find a replacement nanny for you as soon as possible. We will also provide backup care through our On-Call Hourly Childcare Service during the transition.

I think you offer great services and want to sign up. What are the next steps?
Please contact your local College Nannies + Sitters + Tutors office to schedule an in-home family consultation! We look forward to working with you!

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