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"As a busy mother of 3, who works full-time, child care is a top priority for my family. We have had experiences with many types of child care over the years, but have definitely found a perfect match with college nannies and tutors. Besides having the best nanny/house manager in our current nanny, we have had wonderful experiences with all of the nannies we have been matched with."

Jill Jenkins DDS

College Nannies and Sitters
Nannies and Sitters

Overland Park's Best Nanny Service

No matter your nanny service needs, College Nannies + Tutors of Overland Park can provide the best childcare solutions for your Kansas City family. We offer a complete set of placement and on-call nanny service specifically tailored to the needs of busy families and working professionals living in Johnson County and the surrounding areas. Don’t spend hours searching for a childcare professional on your own -- our nanny service employs qualified, vetted experts who will serve as role models and excellent care takers for your child.

Learn more about College Nannies + Tutors of Overland Park by reading below or calling (913) 712-0722 today.

A Nanny Service That Meets Your Childcare Needs

Our team of role model nannies can handle all of your family’s childcare needs, whether you are in search of a temporary or seasonal childcare solution, an occasional babysitter for date night, or long-term nanny service to provide extra support.

College Nannies + Tutors of Overland Park believes that a nanny service should meet your family’s unique needs, which is why we employ a variety of trained, role model college nannies who can fit any schedule, including part-time, after-school, full-time, summer, and on-call nanny service needs. You provide the details for what qualities you are looking for in a nanny service, and we will match your family with a childcare expert whose personality, skills, and experience exceed your expectations.

Let Us Connect You With Highly-Qualified Role Model Nannies

We understand that you don’t trust just anyone to take care of your children. But vetting and interviewing a nanny for the position can take time that many busy Kansas City families simply don’t have.

Allow College Nannies + Tutors of Overland Park to connect you with the perfect nanny service for your family! We simplify the process of identifying qualified college nannies or babysitters. Work with us for hassle-free nanny service hiring that you can trust.

To learn more about our nanny service call (913) 712-0722 or contact us today to schedule a personal family consultation.


Professional babysitters that show up! Hourly childcare that is safe, reliable and easy to use.


Why pay for full-time help when you only need part-time assistance? Get help with the daily juggle.


Family. Work. Balance. You can have it all!


Summer Fun for Everyone! A College Nanny will help your family enjoy the best summer yet.


Your career doesn’t end when the school bell rings. We can help you cover the gap.


Bring Date Night Back! Enjoy your time alone without worrying about the kids.

College Tutors
College Tutors

Find a Private Tutor in Overland Park

Is your child struggling with a course? Are you daunted by your upcoming college entrance exams? Sometimes, a student needs a little extra help from college tutors to achieve academic success. When you or your child seeks a private tutor, College Nannies + Tutors of Overland Park can connect you with skilled, role model college tutors who provide the needed one-on-one attention.

Get Tailored Solutions With Our College Tutors

Our highly-skilled college tutors know how to make learning a fun, easy, rewarding process. Your private tutor will employ structured methods and proven processes in each session, yet also provide custom tutoring solutions in response to each student’s specific needs. With our college tutors, your student will see academic improvements!

Find College Tutors For Students of Any Age or Subject

At College Nannies & Tutors of Overland Park, you can find college tutors to fit any academic need. Our skilled college tutors can help students of any age, from elementary to post-secondary, and they are educated in a range of subjects, including mathematics, history, English and writing, biology, chemistry, and more! Call (913) 712-0722 today to see which college tutors would work best with your student.

College Test Prep With a Private Tutor

Preparing for a college entrance exam is easy when you work with college tutors. Our college tutors can help you ace the ACT or SAT to put your dream school within your reach. By looking at past scores or analyzing practice test results, your private tutor will prioritize which test sections to focus on in each session. Although group study sessions can be effective ACT and SAT prep, nothing can replicate the personalized academic experience you’ll receive from a private tutoring session with one of our college tutors.

Learn more about selecting a private tutor from College Nannies & Tutors of Overland Park by browsing the services we offer, calling (913) 712-0722, or contacting us today to schedule a personal consultation.



Getting into the right college is no accident. Our tutors can help. Skilled planning and preparation will make the difference.


Write for success. An exceptional essay will help you obtain an acceptance letter from the college of your choice.


Get the help your student needs to catch up, catch on and get ahead. One-on-one attention produces real results.


College Tutors study skills tutors are trained to understand the frustration, cut through the clutter, and make learning fun and easy.


Our Math Tutors understand how to make math easy to learn, whether its arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra or calculus!


Stop Experimenting. Real solutions for biology, chemistry and physics. When it comes to science, our expert tutors are in their element.

Join Our Team


Build a stronger resume while you make a difference in a child’s life. College Nannies and Tutors is currently accepting applications from responsible, outgoing individuals for a variety of childcare and tutoring positions. We offer flexible scheduling and a wide variety of positions to fit your skills and preferences.

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