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"Thanks for all your help and mentoring, [our daughter] is improving leaps and bounds. Plus if she needs extra help you've been there so she doesn't freak out :)"

Beth M.

College Nannies and Sitters
Nannies and Sitters

College Nannies offers a complete set of placement and on-call childcare services specifically tailored to the needs of busy families and working professionals. By allowing College Nannies to handle all the details of finding a qualified nanny or babysitter and employing them directly, you can enjoy hassle free childcare with no worries. Having a College Nanny childcare professional in your home is a great way to enhance your family's quality of life.


Professional babysitters that show up! Hourly childcare that is safe, reliable and easy to use.


Why pay for full-time help when you only need part-time assistance? Get help with the daily juggle.


Family. Work. Balance. You can have it all!


Summer Fun for Everyone! A College Nanny will help your family enjoy the best summer yet.


Your career doesn’t end when the school bell rings. We can help you cover the gap.


Bring Date Night Back! Enjoy your time alone without worrying about the kids.

College Tutors
College Tutors

Our one-on-one tutors understand how to work with students and make learning easy, fun and rewarding. While we believe in structured methods and proven approaches to teaching, the most important thing on our minds is how your unique student will reach their full potential.

We offer a complete set of one-on-one customized tutoring for all ages and all subjects including college test prep. Select one of the services below to learn more about a service offering that works for you. But, don't worry, if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, contact a nearby location on the map. Give us a call, let's talk.


Getting into the right college is no accident. Our tutors can help. Skilled planning and preparation will make the difference.


Write for success. An exceptional essay will help you obtain an acceptance letter from the college of your choice.


Get the help your student needs to catch up, catch on and get ahead. One-on-one attention produces real results.


College Tutors study skills tutors are trained to understand the frustration, cut through the clutter, and make learning fun and easy.


Our Math Tutors understand how to make math easy to learn, whether its arithmetic, trigonometry, algebra or calculus!


Stop Experimenting. Real solutions for biology, chemistry and physics. When it comes to science, our expert tutors are in their element.

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Build a stronger resume while you make a difference in a child’s life. College Nannies and Tutors is currently accepting applications from responsible, outgoing individuals for a variety of childcare and tutoring positions. We offer flexible scheduling and a wide variety of positions to fit your skills and preferences.

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