Frequently Asked College Test Prep Tutor Questions

Who are your tutors? Where do they come from and what qualifies them to tutor?
Our College Test Prep tutors are experts in their field of study and successful students themselves. They are current college students, college graduates and teachers that are at the top of their classes and chosen professions. They are qualified to be a College Test Prep Tutor not only because they have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and workforce, but because they exemplify the positive energy and attitude that makes the right kind of role model for your student and have scored in the 90th percentile or above on their own college entrance exam(s).

How do you get started? Is there an initial assessment?
Simply contact your local CNT location to discuss your student’s unique needs. That phone call or web inquiry will engage our Complete Family Approach™, which starts with an assessment of your student’s needs through a personal family consultation.

How quickly can my student get started?
Right away! Because we offer one-on-one customized solutions and have a strong pool of talented College Test Prep Tutors to draw upon, we are able to begin working with a student immediately; same day starts are not uncommon as there is no waiting for a class to start or small group to fill up.

What type of curriculum do you use?
College Tutors designs a customized test prep learning plan that aligns with your student’s individual needs. We utilize real tests, practice tests and on-line resources produced by the test makers themselves. Ultimately, our test prep tutors are our most valuable resource as they are the ones who develop a strong relationship with your child and develop ways to tap each student’s full potential.

Do I have to buy a program or sign a contract?
No. We do not lock parents into long term contracts or programs. Rather, we will build a customized test prep learning plan specifically designed for your student. We will discuss the short and long-term objectives to determine the frequency and length of sessions needed to meet those goals.

We do not deliver our test prep in small groups or classroom settings. We believe each student’s true potential can only be tapped in a one-on-one setting, concentrating on their unique needs.

How do I communicate with my student’s tutor?
Through our proprietary CNeT technology, parents can log in to our secure on-line Family Resource Center to review notes from each session, which is especially helpful for parents of our test prep students who drive themselves to their sessions.

Do your College Test Prep Tutors have subject specific expertise?
Absolutely. We would never allow anyone but an expert to tutor your child. Our test prep tutors have subject specific expertise. If it's math, it's math. If it's science, it’s science. With focused attention on a focused need, your student can get help exactly where it is needed.

How many times a week should my child come in for tutoring? How long are your sessions?
It will depend on the needs and goals for your student. Most test prep students meet with their College Tutor 2- 3 times per week for a 60 minute session; however, many College Test Prep students choose to meet for 90 – 120 minutes per session. An ideal schedule recommendation will be built into your student's test prep plan after considering their unique needs and other commitments; we have found that students who attend all scheduled test prep tutoring sessions and complete their homework assignments have the most success on test day.

What are your fees/billing policies?
We bill a flat hourly rate for all tutoring services. Rates will vary depending on your student’s unique needs so please contact your local CNT office for more specific information. Our billing is done bi-weekly, after the sessions have taken place and there are no up-front fees involved. We do have a 48 hour cancellation policy.

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