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A role model makes all the difference.

Trained tutors can break through emotional barriers:
Your student is smart, but he isn't applying himself. He finishes his assignments, but forgets to hand them in. Sound familiar? College Tutors' study skills tutors are trained to understand the frustration, cut through the clutter, and make learning fun and easy.

The missing piece to your support team:
With just a few hours of one-on-one attention a week, a College Tutor can be the additional resource your student needs. College Tutors will create a customized learning plan designed to improve organizational skills, time management, note-taking, studying and test-taking skills which are the habits needed to tap your student's full potential. We will deliver those learning skills in a one-on-one environment... let the learning begin!

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We meet with parent(s) and student to assess needs.

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Together, we determine your student's goals and timeline.

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We monitor improvement and offer continued guidance to ensure positive progress.

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